The Health Guardian Approach

What to expect in a session with an Exercise Physiologist?

An EP is qualified to interpret your medical information and specifically align your goals to assist you to improve your health.
The EP will review this information and conduct an assessment to determine your functional capacities and any exercise associated risks.
The EP will also evaluate any nutrition and lifestyle issues that need to be addressed to assist you in achieving your health objectives.
Following this assessment, the EP will discuss with you the range of exercise options available to achieve your specified health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Personal Training

At Health Guardian, you can train one-on-one or with a friend.
All our coaches take the utmost care when developing and prescribing your sessions, also ensuring any injuries or imbalances are dealt with effectively.

Female Health and Performance

Enhance your training, health and results.
Our coaches understand that women’s bodies have different requirements at certain times of the month. By amplifying your training we will teach you how to enhance your health and results based on this.